Vagal Nerve Stimulation Therapy (VNS)

This is a quick 15 minutes treatment that address mainly long haul Covid symptoms or reactions to the vaccines. MPS (microcurrent point stimulator) is a battery-operated non-invasive painless device that deliver direct microcurrent stimulation to the vagus nerve through the auricular branch by connection a wire clip to your ear, and a tens pad either below the belly button or on your wrist. This stimulates the whole length of your vagus nerve, going all the way up and down the nerve.

Health Canada now recognized that vagal nerve therapy may be helpful to covid long-haul symptoms.

It’s a very quick treatment, you come in, sit down in a community style setting cubicle, remain dressed, I apply the MPS which helps the body with recovery and building your immune system by increasing the vagal tone in your vagus nerve.

The main goal of the treatment is to “increase your vagal tone”. 

Note: Ten minutes of this simple-to-apply treatment produce the same vagal tone activation as eight one hour massages. (MPS vagal session increases your vagal tone by + 56%, electro-acupuncture +27%, massage +10%, a regular tens unit – 31%.