Scar Release Therapy (SRT)

This is a very effective and yet non evasive treatments towards painful scars. This treatment looks at how even the littlest of scars/injuries can affect our bodies from a new perspective. Very often scars/injuries can pull your fascia in towards your scar during the healing phase including far from the original site. Scars do cause C P S P (chronic post surgical pain). These pains are often/usually difficult for professionals to diagnose properly. Some examples are:

       • C sections can cause future/chronic back-should-hip issues

       • Knee surgeries can cause future/chronic hip-Upper & lower back issues

       • Outside ankle surgeries/injuries can cause future/chronic neck-shoulder-upper limb issues.

       • Scars at knee, abdominal or breast areas can all refer pain to the shoulder regions

Scar release therapy uses the polarity theory, which is basically forcing negative microcurrents through your injured positive poled visible scar tissue (can also be a non visible scar ex: rolled over your ankle). Using two of the MPS devices (micro point stimulators) at the same time & working around the scar tissue, negative poled microcurrents are forced back through the positive poled scar tissue in a non-invasive alternative to acupuncture needles. Fantastic! No needles. This creates a “electrical sewing needle or ping-pong effect” throughout the scar. Instantaneously reverses the scar polarity & will reset the ANS system activating your PNS (parasympathetic nervous system). That’s where the healing occurs in our body. Hopefully we can promote the release the tight tissue at the scar site & the distal site that we would never think about. What I like most about this treatment is usually is just a few sessions to get relief, but if you’re looking to improve the appearance of the scar itself then it may take a more than a few sessions.