Privacy Statem​ent

Commitment to Privacy: The protection of your personal information is an important aspect of my business. The appropriate collection, use & disclosure of clients’ personal health information are fundamental to my day-to-day operation & to your care.

Collection: I strive to collect your health information in such a way that your privacy in both written & verbal communication is protected. I only collect information from you that is necessary for your quality care, & that has been guided by the standards of practice for my profession. I presume that in the giving of your health information, you are consenting to my collection of information. Your signature is still required. 

Use: Collection of information is only for contact purposes  & to provide you with the greatest quality care.

Disclosure: Your personal health care information will not be disclosed to anyone without your written consent. The only exceptions to this policy may be the disclosure of information to another health care provider directly involved in your health care, and/or as required by law.

Concerns: If you have any questions or concerns in regards to the collection of your personal health information, or disclosure of said information, please discuss this with me.