Hot Stone Massage: dates back to ancient times. In the 1980’s, an Arizona massage therapist Mary Nelson introduced her popular style know as La Stone Therapy. This is a geothermal hydrotherapy technique using heated smoothed basalt stones (high in iron) to promote a very deep relaxing massage that will melt your muscles or cooled stoned (marble or jade) to reduce inflammation, refresh & tone heated tissues (ex: sinusitis). Combining hot stones with Swedish techniques relaxes muscles, allowing me to access the deeper layers without the feeling of a deep tissue treatment. Most of my clients have been requesting a half hot stone with either gentle or deep Swedish. I have a variety of oils that will help the stones glide & sooth the tired achy body.

*Recommend: great for introduction to massage therapy, or for the most relaxing massage that melts the muscles.

*Recommend: for clients with fibromyalgia, Raynaud’s syndrome (chronic cold fingers & toes). This would be relaxing with a combination of a few treatment focused techniques to decrease chronic symptoms.