Massage Cupping Therapy: this is my most popular requested treatment. It is a less aggressive adaptation of an ancient technique (traditional Chinese fire cupping). Silicone cups are applied with oil creating a vacuum suction on the body surface loosening soft tissue, connective tissue, scars & adhesion's. It will move stagnation & increase lymphatic flow & circulation. There is a “marked” difference between fire cupping & (western style) massage cupping therapy. Marks commonly left from Chinese medical treatments are a desired result (dark cup kisses). Massage cupping bodywork very rarely produces this discoloration. 

This western style approach to massage cupping is the deepest form of deep tissue work. It can pull up to 4 inches into the body without deep pain. It improves your circulatory system, helps move inflammation, works great on myofascial restrictions and the relief last longer than regular deep Swedish or traditional deep myofascial techniques. 

*Recommend: for sinusitis & TMJ treatments, softening of scar tissue, shin splints, plantar

  fasciitis, tendinitis, knee joint pain, rib pain (from jogging or heavy coughing)