Massage Cupping Therapy: this is my most popular requested treatment.It is a less aggressive adaptation of an ancient technique (traditional Chinese fire cupping). Silicone cups are applied with oil creating a vacuum suction on the body surface loosening soft tissue, connective tissue, scars & adhesion's. It will move stagnation & increase lymphatic flow & circulation. There is a “marked” difference between fire cupping & massage cupping therapy. Marks commonly left from Chinese medical treatments are a desired result (dark cup kisses). Massage cupping bodywork very rarely produces this discoloration. Please call if you have any questions.

*Recommend: I will only allow a minimum of a ½ appointment for the first session. This is just a precaution as I prefer my clients to build up stamina to cupping.

*Recommend: for sinusitis & TMJ treatments, softening of scar tissue, please book a ½ hour appointment.

*Recommend: for shin splints, plantar faciitis, tendinitis, knee joint pain, rib pain (from jogging or heavy coughing), please book a ¾ hour appointment.

*Recommend: for whiplash, sciatica & lumbar pain, please book a 1 hour appointment.